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About this site

This app was created by the Orbisius & qSandbox. We've learned a lot throughout the years during the development of qSandbox.

We like giving back to the community and hope that you'll find this service useful.

Feel free to share it with your friends.



Fast & Powerful Server

We use a fast server with nice connectivty.

Cloud based

You don't have to install, download or sign up for anything.

Administrative Access

Install Plugins and Themes

No registration

Click and start using WordPress.

WordPress (default/single site)

Experiment with WordPress

View WordPress debug log

Go to WP Admin > qSandbox > Debugging

Private WordPress Site

Every user gets their own private WordPress

Easy Debugging

View any WordPress plugin/theme errors, notices

Free to use

Personal and/or professional use

No credit card required

No need to pull out your wallet.

WordPress Multisite

With WordPress Multisite set up you to create multiple subsites in the same installation


Coming soon

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan


  • Free
  • 1 Click WordPress Set up
  • Administrative Access
  • Install Plugins & Themes
  • Private WordPress Installation
  • Fast Server
  • No registration required
  • Debugging: Display php errors
  • Easy Debugging: View WordPress debug log : WP Admin > qSandbox > Debugging
  • No credit card required
  • Test drive WordPress default or Multisite
  • Cloud based
$ 0 / FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you launch this service?

We like to give back and wanted to showcase what qSandbox platform is capable of.

Why the service is free?

Great question! The answer is a combination of these.

By releasing this tool we're stress testing the software & the server. We learn when we do things. The lessons we learn we can use to launch a hosting business soon. We'll see.

- To attract attention and possibly increase the sign ups of the main business (aka Side Project Marketing).

- Giving back to the WordPress community: I've personally already published 30+ plugins in the official WP plugin repository ( in addition to the 40+ premium ones on my site). It feels great to release something new and useful again.

- I kept an eye on WordPress 5 emails and it still needs testing so why not make it easy.

When will my test site be deleted.

We'll try to keep the sites at least for a week but if the server starts running out of resources we'll start deleting the oldest sites first.

How do you make money?

We make money by creating and selling custom WordPress plugins and/or when people join our platform WordPress staging sites

Hey, if you'd to donate some money let us know. We love coffee & wine.

I want a private demo for my plugins or themes?

Cool. Contact us and we'll discuss the options how you can offer a demo for your potential clients.

What provider(s) are you using?

The server that we use for this service is from online.net (based in France). The main qSandbox site uses a server from SoYouStart (a brand of OVH) in Canada. For the other test servers we use DigitalOcean, Linode, Vulr.

The emails are not delivered?

Yes, that's done for security reasons. They are stored and will made available within the test site (soon) so you can see what the site is sending.

What other services do you provide?

Please, check this Orbisius Services page.

Can I hire you for?

Yes, feel free to contact us from Orbisius Quote page.

Who is the actual person behind this service?

You're such as curious person and that's good. You can read more about Slavi Marinov on the Orbisius About page.